Looking in the Greater Toronto area for professional guitar instruction?

Are you a beginner wondering how to get started or an experienced player who wants to take your playing to the next level or explore new directions?

Are you interested in mastering Blues, R&B, Rock 'n Roll, Slide, Funk, Classic Rock, Acoustic Guitar?

Is your band interested in coaching to improve your sound and musicality?

Looking for someone with premium skills yet affordable prices?

Kevin Higgins is recognized as one of Toronto's best guitarists and instructors.
In addition to maintaining his regular live music schedule, Kevin devotes his time to teaching the styles, skills and system he has learned over 40 years of being part of the Toronto music scene. Kevin's students range from teenagers who have embraced guitar to older students who have picked up electric guitar later in life and gone on to start bands and play live gigs across Toronto. 

Check out the following information on how you can start guitar lessons and take your playing to the next level. While you explore the site enjoy a sample of Kevin's many recordings.

...and be sure to contact Kevin directly if you have any questions


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