Inspiring, fun learning

Professional teacher Kevin Higgins caters lessons to your taste and ability. His approach balances a focus on detail and quality with the need to keep learning the instrument.
Lessons are based on playing a complete song, both rythym and lead. Starting in a very simple manner, this is achieved by learning the basic song rhythm and then moving on to fills and leads. This teaches you how to play a complete song by yourself. Your choice of songs and styles are encouraged.

They are at your own level, are not rushed and definitely fun. The work load is up to you. Beginners are welcome. Usually simple songs are used to concentrate on playing complete songs, adding fills (positions), turnarounds, rhythms, double stops, and techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs and bends.

Songs are written in easy to read fraction tabs and are taped to listen to at home.

Lessons are located at Kevin's home studio in Hwy 427 and Dundas area and are fairly priced, starting at $25 per hour.

Alternate lessons include song writing, recording your lessons and jams, as well as band and career help.